zach (winterhithard) wrote,

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and it's time time time

I'm compulsively eating almonds. and I'm not sure why I feel the compulsion to post. quite a lot has occurred since my last encounter with this journal. and it's been good.
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I'm glad to hear it. sucks you left class. I'm so sick. Are things still on for those shows?
it does suck. as does the lone walk I must now make across campus after english. the mr. stewart show is on the 19th of a certain third month. however, we shall further discuss these plans and subsequent others only after finding a few tapes at the flea market and over some kind of hot beverage in a questionable restaurant. we must hang out soon. and remember not to misinterpret this as a salutation, as it is used often in that form on livejournal. it is a genuine proposition.
zach, what the FUCK are you saying?!?!?!
Choice subject line there, son.
Pay the fiddler off til I come back again...